A Mara blouse for the little one...

I finally made a Mara Blouse for the little one and I can't believe how enjoyable it was.  Almost as enjoyable as seeing it on the little tornado. 
I used a Nani Iro double gauze that I purchased at my local fabric store Fabric of Vision.  I have a bit left over that I think I will make up into a little skirt when the weather warms.  I really like the visual gradation of the dots.
I used a teal piping, light green buttons salvaged from my button jar and a bright yellow 1/8" ribbon for the button loops.  I left the sleeves long, because it is still quite cold here and the fabric folds so nicely that it's not a problem to fold them up when the little one is getting into things. I used seam binding to close most of the seams because the gauze frayed so much and my little one is rough on basically everything, including her clothes.  I think on my next one, I'll probably enclose the seams with flat fell or french seams.  Also, I was considering adding a band to the facing and using snaps instead of buttons.  I love the look and feel of buttons, but snaps are so much easier with a toddler. 

I really love the dot progression and cannot wait to make another one.  I think this will become my "go to" pattern for the little one.  It was quick, easy and it is so very pretty and most of all functional.  She can move freely and she insisted on wearing it all day!  I cannot thank Marte enough for designing such a gem!


  1. Great Job Meloney... Wish I was as talented :)

    1. Thanks! The pattern really does deserve a lot of credit - Marte did a great job making a simple & stylish design - I plan on making tons of these for the little one!


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