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Family Scraps

I started out learning to sew with scraps.  My Lita and I would piece together fabrics for all sorts of things.  When I started making quilts in my early 20's I preferred to use scraps and follow the free-flowing style of story quilts.  When I was in Grad school I stumbled on the Quilts of Gee's Bend, and was drawn to the way the quilt's had stories, without images.  It was a product of time manifested as useful object.  The scraps of clothes and other recycled material used in the blankets were tangible moments that had passed in each quilt maker's life.  I absolutely loved this idea. It encompases the ideals of "reuse" on so many different levels. Over the years I've made many small scrap objects, blankets and even a few skirts, but since moving to our new home, I haven't taken on a new large quilt.  It was a meditative process of pulling out boxes of scraps, pressing and trimming.  I decided to make a quilt that would fit our king bed where our f…

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